Monday, June 28, 2010

to see or not to see.

i almost got my eyes fixed.
on june 25th, 2010. it was a friday.
and i would have had them corrected at 1 pm.
that's what my appointment was for.
well, the 2nd appointment.
it was for lasik.
the first appointment was originally scheduled for the 24th, which would have been a thursday, and the procedure was PRK which was a bit different than lasik and would have been one eye at a time.

i ALMOST got my eyes fixed, until they called me a week before my surgery to confirm the WRONG surgery for the WRONG day....
not to mention the other mistakes they had made along the way.
the medication and the doses of each....
soooo, needless to say, when Abe called to confirm my WRONG surgery for the WRONG date, i cancelled.

at 26 years of age, i ALMOST got to see clearly without contacts or glasses.

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