Thursday, September 30, 2010

things that keep me going....

today, it's supposed to be back in the upper 90's.
jason has been working in this AWFUL heat (where the temperature broke an ALL TIME record, AND the thermometer).... the highest recorded temperature was 113, however, they realized that the thermometer they recorded from BROKE at 113. It was actually 120 degrees in his zip code.
he works crazy hours.... sleeps very little and drives crazy hours in traffic....
i WISH i had more time with him, however, i TRY to constantly remind myself that working is what makes him feel good. he feels good that he's providing for us.
i don't want to take that away from him.

with all of these crazy temps, and taylor going back to school (and infested with germs), everyone has managed to become sick.
taylor first.
then Jason.
then Lewie.
and now, i don't feel so hot, however, i'm not as bad as any of them have been, so i'm hoping that since i don't have my tonsils, that i won't get as sick as i used to!

Poor Jason is sick, and still working.
it's 10:03 am right now, and 4 minutes ago, I just got a text message from him saying "I love u so much Ashley. I wish I could show u better"

It's things like these little messages that just keep me going....
it's like my fuel.
sounds a little crazy, huh?
it just shows me he's thinking of me while he's out there in control of all these crazy disgusting men, and THAT makes me happy.

i wish i could show him how much i appreciate him too....
i know i say it often, but maybe not enough.
maybe i don't show him enough.
i do adore him with absolutely ALL of me!!!

so to Jason, who may likely never read this,
I don't know WHERE in the world I'd be without you, without your love and without your help.... you are MORE than amazing, and i am SOOOO incredibly thankful and blessed that you are mine. =) i love you!!!!